Kris Florek

About Kris


Kris Florek (1981) an entrepreneur who is originally from Poland, is an expert in coaching people and organisations to help them achieve a personal or business breakthrough. His coaching sessions and seminars stimulate further growth for you as an individual or for your company. As the founder and owner of several companies of his own, Kris has a practical approach. His career followed the classic ‘American Dream’ path. More than a decade ago, he arrived in the Netherlands in a minibus to build a future for himself. He quickly learnt English and Dutch – by listening to the lyrics of songs and watching the Dutch soap serial, ‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden’. His career path took off: from dishwasher in a restaurant, Kris soon became the owner/director of two successful companies (Florek Vastgoedonderhoud (propety maintenance) and Flow Roll Europa). Kris shares his knowledge and years of experience as an entrepreneur with you to set you on the right path! You can engage Kris as a trainer/speaker/business coach.

Making a difference. Motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs. That’s what Kris aims to do and achieves. He is authentic and concentrates on solutions and results. “I’ve invested so much time and money in developing myself that I want to share my valuable experience and success with others. I can teach entrepreneurs not to be anxious and negative in their approach, but to see the opportunities around them. When you focus on the opportunities, you create solutions and achieve results. Can’t, simply doesn’t exist!” he explains.

Kris has been a member of The Professional Speakers Academy in London since October 2011. Besides its founder, Andy Harrington – an internationally renowned speaker – Kris also met other successful businessmen such as Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Robert Kyosaki here. All people who, just like him, started with nothing. In London, Kris built up a good deal of experience as a business coach and inspiring speaker. Kris has used his career story and business knowledge to inspire and motivate thousands of people over the last few years. He now also offers training sessions to entrepreneurs in England, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Kris is an absolute expert in creating businesses and making each of them successful. Now you too have the opportunity to learn about Kris’s techniques and make your company successful.